Florida Blue has an excellent reputation, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield is one of the most trusted insurance companies in the country. When thinking about your future, you may have questions or concerns about getting the right type of healthcare coverage. At South Florida Medicare Specialists, we care about you and understand that you want to find the right balance between affordability and comprehensive coverage. We are available by email or by phone if you want more information about Florida Blue plans in West Palm Beach

What are Medicare supplement plans?

By now you may have heard of several different types of Medicare plans. There is Medicare Plan A, which covers your hospital expenses or your stay at a long-term facility. Your Medicare Plan B covers your doctors visits and preventative care. Medicare Part D is your prescription drug coverage.

You may have also noticed that your plans don’t cover all of your health needs. You may have “gaps” in your coverage that you want to be filled. If you have more medical needs, then you may benefit from having more coverage.

Medicare supplement plans are designed to cover the gaps in healthcare coverage, which is why they’re also called Medigap plans. Some of the advantages of having a Medicare supplement plan include paying for some or all of your copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. First, Medicare will pay its share of the Medicare-approved amount for your healthcare costs, and then your Medigap policy will pay its share. And as long as you pay your premiums, your Medigap policy is guaranteed renewable even if you have health problems. 

How do I qualify for a Medicare supplement plan?

Here are the requirements in order to be eligible for a Florida Blue Medicare supplement plan:

  • You are age 65 or older 
  • You must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B
  • You may also be eligible if you are receiving disability benefits for the Social Security Administration or from the Railroad Retirement Board
  • You may qualify if he has been diagnosed with end-stage renal disease or Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)

All Medicare supplement plans are standardized, meaning that it doesn’t matter what state you live in – the plan offered to one person on the east coast is identical to the one offered on the west coast. The difference between areas, however, is what is offered. Medicare supplement plans are provided by private insurers who choose for themselves which plans they will offer and where they will offer them. For this reason, you may notice a difference between what different insurance companies offer friends who live in other areas compared to yours. This is why it is so important to speak to one of our South Florida Medicare Specialists who can review all of your options in West Palm Beach.

What are Part B excess charges?

Medicare sets the rate for what they will pay physicians for the services rendered to patients. A physician who has accepted this rate is considered to have accepted “assignment.” But those physicians who do not accept Medicare “assignment” can charge their patients up to 15% more than the Medicare-approved cost for that service. The extra charge is your Part B excess charge.

Florida Blue Medicare Supplement Plans

Florida Blue offers two plans: Medicare Supplement Plan F and Plan G. They are very similar and provide the most comprehensive coverage out of all of the Medicare supplement plans available. The difference between Plan F and Plan G is that Plan G has a lower premium and does not cover your Part B deductible. This makes the Plan G less comprehensive than the more popular Plan F. Both cover your part B excess charges. Speak to one of our South Florida Medicare Specialists to learn more about these plans and to find out which one is best for you.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield was started in 1929 in Texas as an experiment to provide increased hospital coverage to people in the community at an affordable rate. This prepaid hospital care was intended to encourage teachers, in particular, to sign up for the program in order to help them save on their healthcare costs. This program was called Blue Cross. In the 1930s, Blue Shield was founded to reimburse doctors for their services. Today, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a full spectrum of healthcare coverage, including Medicare and Medicaid plans, in almost and 14 different states including Virginia, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, and, of course, Florida.

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