UnitedHealthcare Doctors

A group of seniors with a mean age of 76 were surveyed about their medical care experiences—the most common concern among those surveyed with a doctor’s responsiveness to their needs. Many seniors feel like a doctor treats them differently because of their age. The ageism for this group of consumers can feel frustrating and disheartening. It’s why when you look for a doctor, you want one who understands, listens, and is willing to meet your needs as a patient. As a medicare user, many UnitedHealthcare doctors will likely meet your needs well.

The trick, of course, is finding them. So, what can you do to find a doctor who will meet your needs? Read on to learn how to find the best UnitedHealthcare provider to meet your unique needs. 

Consider What’s Most Important to You

Before you begin your search for a doctor, you might want to take some time and think about your priorities as a patient. 

Is a nearby Palm Beach location most important to you, so visits to the doctor are convenient and easy?

You might prefer a specific gender or a doctor who sees patients with a similar medical condition to you. 

It might be essential to see a doctor who speaks your native language so communication is more accessible for you.

Once you have narrowed in on your priorities, then it helps to focus your search.

Ask Friends and Family

Many people looking to connect with a professional provider will start by asking people they trust for ideas. 

You might talk to your neighbors on Medicare about which doctor they see and whether they are UnitedHealthcare doctors. Ask specific questions about their experiences with the doctor and the doctor’s office. 

It’s always good to get a first-hand account of someone else’s experiences with a doctor. It gives you insight into how they interact and care for their patients.  

Search Online

If you’re comfortable with the internet, you can do an online search. Go to a search engine like Google and start with an online search for a doctor near me. 

You can also narrow your responses by searching for a UnitedHealthcare doctor near me. 

Now the search engine won’t automatically keep the search parameters small. So, once you have a list of options, you can start by looking at their location. 

You can also look at areas of specialty and call to see if they’re taking new patients. Also, be sure to confirm they still participate with UnitedHealthcare. 

Use UnitedHealthcare Online Tools

A more specific online option is to go directly to UnitedHealthcare and search their database for options. 

Once you reach their site, they have two ways you can search for a provider. You can search as a guest without signing in. The system will prompt you to identify the type of provider you seek.

Through this option, you can search for a medical doctor, then identify you’re looking for a Medicare provider. The system will prompt you to enter your location, so the list of names they provide will be local to you.

You can also sign in if you have an account and search using similar steps.

Keep Current Doctor

Many seniors on Medicare also opt to have a supplemental insurance plan to help fill in the places where Medicare coverage is missing. 

Don’t assume that you must find a new doctor because you’re new to Medicare or a supplemental plan like UnitedHealthcare. 

Doctors often accept multiple insurance plans to meet many patients’ needs. 

If you already have a primary care doctor, the first step might be to check to see if the doctor you already know and are comfortable with takes the plan. 

Choose Primary Care First

In addition to their primary care doctor, many seniors also see some type of specialist, like an internist or cardiologist. 

It makes sense, though, to start your search with a primary care doctor. They are the doctor who will get to know you and your health holistically instead of in just one area. This doctor will always be your first stop for medical care. 

In most cases, for insurance, you need to see a primary care doctor before you ever see a specialist anyway. 

Read Reviews

If you find the name of a potential doctor, you might go online and search for that doctor’s name. This step might be beneficial if you don’t know anyone with personal experience with the doctor. 

When you read online reviews, it makes sense to look at trends. Often disgruntled patients will want to vent. So, don’t necessarily be swayed by one negative review. Instead, read the reviews and look for trends in the comments.

Consider the Office Experience

Often a patient will choose to see the doctor once or meet with them to get a feel for the doctor and if they’re the right fit. 

You should know that you’ll spend as much time communicating with the doctor’s staff as you will with the doctor. 

Be sure to consider the doctor’s office experience as you weigh which doctor is the right fit for you.

Consider Doctor’s Communication Style

Seniors regularly complain that doctors dismiss their concerns or don’t spend enough time with them. 

As you meet with a potential doctor, pay attention to how they communicate with you.

  • Do they answer your questions?
  • Do they listen to your concerns?
  • Do you feel like your needs are being met?

If the doctor doesn’t make you feel comfortable and confident, then they might not be the right fit for you.

Find UnitedHealthcare Doctors Near You

If you live in the Palm Beach area and are looking for UnitedHealthcare doctors, use these tips to help find a doctor that’s right for you.

If you’re also looking for options for Medicare supplemental insurance, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about what options would best meet your needs.