Why Hiring A Medicare Agent Is A Smart Choice

Most people have a basic understanding of how Medicare works. No doubt you hear about Medicare coverage in the news and what changes are proposed or passed to the Medicare program. Medicare insurance brokers stay abreast of these changes at both the federal and state level, so you can be sure your West Palm Beach Medicare agent can answer your questions about Florida’s Medicare program. Medicare insurance brokers also can explain to you changes in the program. With COVID-19 affecting the United States, Medicare has very recently undergone some changes to allow for free testing or to waive cost-sharing for COVID-19 lab tests. If you are currently looking to enroll in a Medicare plan and you have questions about the coronavirus pandemic, your South Florida Medicare Specialists will explain to you all of the benefits and reasons why these plans are great to have to protect your health.

Why Choose South Florida Medicare Specialists

South Florida Medicare Specialists have been offering Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans consultations and advice for a combined total of 15 years in West Palm Beach. While all companies offer pretty much the same plans, our Medicare experts can answer your questions and thoroughly explain which one works best for you, your health, and your long-term financial goals. We also have the experience of working with hundreds of clients and we have testimonials from clients that tell us what they liked and didn’t like about their plans. This allows us to share with you the opinions of real people. If you have additional questions, or just don’t want to read and would prefer to speak to an actual person, then give South Florida Medicare Specialists a call today.