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Reaching the Golden Age of retirement is cause for celebration! You did it!

Make the most of your retirement years with smart decisions about medical coverage. It’s time to secure the good times with quality health.

Whether you are new to Medicare or want to learn about your options for Medicare Advantage or supplemental (Medigap) coverage, a local Medicare insurance agent can help you with important decisions about your healthcare coverage.

Read our short informative guide on what to look for from a Medicare agent and a bit of explanation on different coverage options.

What To Expect From a Qualified Medicare Insurance Agent

Preparing to find a qualified Medicare insurance agent in south Florida is a smart choice. A local Medicare specialist will benefit you in making informed decisions about your medical coverage. 

Know what to look for and expect from a qualified Medicare agent with these tips:

1. Licensed Medicare Agent

Insurance agents that offer Medicare advice and enrollment assistance are required to complete a training program. Medicare training and certification are completed through America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP).

Individual states have extra certifications and regulations get monitored for compliance. It’s important that a Medicare agent be informed about your state’s specific requirements.

Never be afraid to ask about licensing and certification. A reputable insurance agent will be happy to show their certifications and talk about their training.

2. An Independent Agent or Agency

An independent insurance agent or agency does not work for insurance companies that provide supplemental Medicare insurance. This is important to understand.

An independent agent is not paid by private insurance companies that they may recommend for supplemental coverage. They are in no way obligated to any particular insurance company.

So, an independent agent can assist you with looking at many types of coverage that will best suit your individual healthcare needs. 

3. Medicare Specialists

If you can find a Medicare insurance agent that specializes in Medicare coverage, you have found an invaluable asset. 

You can easily choose an insurance agent that works with many types of insurance policies. Insurance companies sometimes bundle home insurance, auto insurance, and/or health insurance.

Why gamble something so important on an agent that may know just a little bit about Medicare? A Medicare specialist offers the security of being well informed to help you find the best coverage and avoid Medicare enrollment mistakes that can cost money and time.

4. Local Medicare Insurance Agent

Having a local Medicare agent is a benefit. Why? Your local Medicare insurance agent knows when changes happen at the state level.

A south Florida Medicare specialist will have knowledge about area providers and specialized services you may need.

Your local Medicare insurance agent is regularly informed about any fraudulent activity in your area. It is not unusual for Medicare recipients to become targeted by scams. A local agent can alert you and pass on professional advice for dealing with area scams.

Also, keep in mind that a licensed Medicare insurance agent will never solicit you to purchase insurance. Speak to your local agent if anyone ever tries to visit you or call for financial information for Medicare enrollment. 

Understanding the Basics of Medicare Insurance

When you decided to start looking for a Medicare agent, you probably realized that there are terms that are confusing and a lot of options to choose from. Here are a few common terms and some short explanations:

Original Medicare

Original or “traditional” Medicare includes Part A (inpatient/hospital coverage) and Part B (outpatient/medical coverage). At age 65, Part A coverage is premium-free.

Premiums for Part B are automatically taken out from your social security check.

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap)

Often called “Gap insurance,” supplemental insurance to your Medicare coverage fills in the gaps for healthcare that is not covered or when you exceed your benefits from Part A or Part B.

A Medicare agent can assist you in finding a policy that works best for you. Long-term medications and prolonged treatment needs or lengthy hospital stays usually require gap insurance. It covers you once original Medicare benefits become exhausted. 

There are over 10 different supplemental insurance plans! Each may have particular state regulations that must be followed. Your Medicare specialist knows state requirements. 

Medicare Advantage Plan

This plan includes Part A and B of Original Medicare. If you choose a Medicare Advantage Plan, you may not also participate in supplemental insurance coverage. 

A Medicare Advantage Plan offers extra coverage. Original Medicare does not cover vision, hearing, or dental services. In most cases, these plans have a lower out-of-pocket cost than original Medicare. 

Not all Medicare Advantage plans are the same. It’s important to discuss your specific healthcare needs with your local Medicare specialist. They can assist you with finding a local plan and avoid out-of-network costs. 

Find Medicare Insurance Agents Near Me

Taking care of your long-term health is important. Your Medicare options can seem confusing at first. A qualified Medicare insurance agent can make the process of enrolling in Medicare so much easier and can keep you updated on any changes that occur locally or within the Medicare insurance programs.

Your local South Florida Medicare Specialists have over 15 years of experience. We provide reliable guidance to Medicare policy. Our team finds the most affordable Medicare supplemental insurance for Florida residents.

We know Medicare and how important it is to get your enrollment completed correctly.

Contact South Florida Medicare Specialists for any questions you have about Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Supplemental Insurance. We’re here to help you save the most you can during retirement.